How to shift a Fuller transmission the easy way

Shifting an Eaton Fuller Transmission takes time and most of all practice as with everything. The biggest hurdle is not using the clutch to shift like you do in cars. Once the RPM starts to rise, the next gear is easy to shift to. The Fuller Transmission is found in large trucks, like tractor-trailers and heavy equipment vehicles for off road. Operating this transmission will need you to have basic skills in driving a manual transmission from a car or at least to know the basics of how it should operate in principle, including engaging the gears and stopping.  Make
sure you are very familiar with the placement of the pedals, shifter, buttons and everything else before you attempt this.

How to shift an Eaton Fuller Transmission:

  1. Ensure the gear shift is in the neutral position. Press the high-low shifter on the front of the shifter to the "down" position. Ensure the splitter on the side of the shifter is pushed to the "back" position.
  2. Start the truck by turning the key to the "on" position and press the ignition button to start the truck.
  3. Allow the air gauge to build to 120psi. This will allow the parking brakes to disengage. Push in the yellow parking brake. Push in the red trailer brakes to
  4. Press the clutch pedal down to the floor with the left foot. Follow the diagram on top of the shifter to place the truck in first gear. First gear will be all the way to the left and down.
  5. Press the accelerator pedal down while releasing the clutch. The truck will move. Give the truck more fuel to ensure it takes off smoothly.
  6. Pull the shifter up and into second gear when the engine starts to wind up. The RPM gauge needle will climb up. The truck will feel like it is not going to go any faster.
  7. Shift through the remaining gears. Pull the gear shifter to neutral and pull the front switch to the "up" position. Place the shifter in first gear. That gear will be 7th gear.
  8. Shift through the gears until there are no gears left. Pull the splitter switch on the side forward. Proceed to the remaining gears.
  9. Place the splitter and high-low switch back to its original position when downshifting.

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